A Fast-er Hoodie

It all started last year when we threw our logo on some company swag.

We didn’t think much of it at the time. We’re an early-stage tech company — how much thought should we really give to making some t-shirts, stickers, and hoodies? While we did create a swag shop, it was mostly so people could test drive our flagship product as they snagged a hoodie for $5.

The Original Fast Hoodie

We never expected what happened next. Hundreds, and soon thousands, of people were using Fast Checkout to buy our hoodies. Our social media notifications were flooded with Fast selfies and requests for more colors and styles. We sold over 10,000 of those hoodies (most at full price), despite having only 0.8% of the company (aka Gary) focused on the Fast Store.

Something was resonating here. And while we didn’t fully understand it, we were into it.

Why were so many people excited to wear a hoodie from a fintech company? Maybe they were tired of an Internet that works for businesses, and not for actual people. Maybe they connected with our “build out loud” mentality and wanted to support us. Or maybe they just really liked the word Fast and thought it looked good on clothes. Whatever the reason, we knew we wanted to dig deeper into something that was happening organically.

So we asked ourselves: “What would it look like if we made our hoodie even Fast-er?” We knew it had to be high-quality, versatile and built to last. Something that could take you from work to working out to whatever. With that in mind, we created a limited-edition, Lululemon-sourced line of Fast-leisure, anchored by the Fast-est hoodie yet. Which, of course, you can buy with just one click.

The Fast-er Hoodie

Is it weird that a tech company just dropped a limited-edition clothing line? Definitely. But lots of good ideas were weird when you first heard about them. We’re not too worried about what tech companies are “supposed” to do, anyway, because we think the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Check out our new Fast-leisure line here and join us in celebrating #AllThingsFast.

P.S. Got any thoughts for Gary about what we should make next? Drop him a line.


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